The best diamonds in Dallas

Are in a hidden showroom.

We sell one diamond at a time

To one client at a time, in Room 570.

A private jeweler

For selective people

The best diamonds in Dallas

are in a hidden showroom

We sell one diamond at a time

To one client at a time, in Room 570

A private jeweler

for selective people

A jewelry experience unlike any other


It’s not an experience meant for a crowded retail chain store.

BECAUSE you get our full attention

We offer you a private diamond showing with no rush, and no crowds.


You won’t see the poorly cut, cloudy diamonds sold by most retailers.


We’re an “upstairs jeweler” with lower overhead, translating to your bigger diamond!

You’ll love our blog

Our blog is about good information. We won’t waste your time with a bunch of promotional stuff you don’t need. If you love fine jewelry, or you are about to be exploring a jewelry purchase, check out our blog. We’ll keep you up to speed with good information and education about diamonds and jewelry.

How to Pick an Engagement Ring

How to Pick an Engagement Ring

With all of the different metal types, diamond cuts, clarities, the carat of the diamond, the band design and much more, it can become extremely difficult to make sure you are choosing the perfect engagement ring. Use this as a guide to start your research...

What Shapes Do Diamonds Come In?

What Shapes Do Diamonds Come In?

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. But how are you supposed to know which one to choose? Check out our guide to learn more about the types of diamond cuts to choose from for your engagement ring or custom jewelry. Round Cut The most popular cut for...

ScarJo Flaunts Beautiful New Engagement Ring

ScarJo Flaunts Beautiful New Engagement Ring

​An engagement that sent excited shockwaves through an entire fandom - Saturday Night Live writer Colin Jost proposed to actress Scarlett Johansson. She is best known for her role as Black Widow as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Appropriately...

A little custom-designed magic

Almost half of all the jewelry we sell is custom

If you can dream it, we can do it! From wedding rings to special gifts, we do a LOT of custom work here, and, believe it or not, buying a custom piece here is often less expensive than buying pre-designed jewelry.

Take a look at our Custom Gallery to see a few examples of recent custom creations we’ve done with our clients.

Meet Matt

I’ve been in the jewelry business and loving it for almost 20 years. I came to Texas to offer a very different jewelry experience. We are an upstairs, by-appointment-only diamond brokerage, offering you:

– a relaxed diamond and jewelry showing in a private setting
– a custom jewelry designer that turns dreams into reality
– a better selection of better-cut diamonds
– a Master Goldsmith and Watchmaker-extraordinaire!

Watch the video on this page to hear how The Diamond Room of Dallas is able to give you clearly better diamonds at obviously better prices, and how we acquire gemstones and diamonds directly from their source. And visit Meet Matt to read more.

Engagement rings

Almost endless unique styles, and no locked cases! It’s one of the great benefits of a private jeweler: You get to try on rings to your heart’s content. And our custom magic means you can get the ring you REALLY want.

If you can dream it, we can design it.

Created diamonds ARE 100% real diamonds

Diamonds always have come from below the ground, until some of them came from above. Come see a sparkling miracle of chemistry and electricity. Learn more about created diamonds.

BYO sunglasses!

The Diamond Room experience


Take a sip, and then our journey of jewelry and diamond discovery begins … all from the comfort of our laid-back hideaway!

Set the mood with Sinatra, or Beyonce, or perhaps some Dale Watson?

Put on some music. Let’s set the mood. This is an experience you’ll want to cherish.

Contact Us

We promise that you will be thrilled with your experience in Room 570, and we can’t wait to meet with you in a private setting to discuss exactly what you are looking for.

Phone: (214) 935-5667


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